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CP 38xx series additive for pour-point depression of crude oil

Additives of the Total line for crude oil allow to enhance efficiency of oil production, facilitate and secure the transportation process. The article describes the line of additives which is used by contractors in order to ensure production safety.

CP 38xx series additive for pour-point depression of crude oil

How it works

On temperature exposure to paraffin-base crude oil when the temperature is lower than its pour point, paraffins start to crystallise and settle out. This leads to viscosity growth and gel formation of crude oil. The process of paraffin precipitation creates a 3D net which completely decreases oil mobility. The effect of paraffin structuring limits the pumping ability and thus sets a lower temperature limit. The process of crystallisation can be controlled by introducing additives, such as depressants (CP) which act as modifiers of paraffin separation.

Additives of the CP line are fully organic and act by decreasing the size of paraffin crystalls and/or changing their shape in order to break the crystall net and facilitate cold pumping of crude oil.

CP additives modify paraffin crystallisation in crude oil and prevent crystals from binding together.

Why Total?

Rich experience and knowledge in making additives for hydrocarbons (fuels, heavy fractions, crude oil, etc.) and controlling problem features which are related to paraffin crystallisation, organic sediments, dispersion and emulsions. Vast knowledge in making additives for controlling paraffins and asphaltene dispersion agents. With this aim in view, a specialised line of Total additives to monitor problems related to paraffins and asphaltenes has been developed. They also have other features.

CP and Total additives make for an economically efficient solution to improve the performance ability of paraffinous crude oil as well as heavy fuel oils, atmospheric residues and VGO. The CP series is compatible with all other types of additives.

Why CP additives?

  • They decrease pour point of paraffinous crude oil;

  • They decrease transportation and storage limitations and provide flexibility in the supply chain;

  • It is an easy way to transport high pour point crude oil at limited investment possibilities;

  • They guarantee a simple restart after production suspending: yield point reduction

  • They are capable of processing a wide range of paraffinous crude oil;

  • They can also be used to process paraffinous fuel oils and residues;

A real-life example – Crude oil from the Russian Federation

It was hard to process crude oil from the Russian Federation and transport it at low temperatures (below 0°C). CP 3850 additive, which was used for such oil, is capable of decreasing the pour point from 24°C to 0°C at a treat rate of 1,000 ppm.

CP 3850 (ASTM D97) Pour Point Curve

Viscosity of crude oil from RF with no use of an additive compared to CP 3850 additive

The effect of CP 3850 additive is proved by rheological analysis: drop in yield point (84%); drop in viscosity at different shear stress and low temperature (drop by up to 80% at 10)


Isaev Murat Saparovich, Technical Expert of Special Chemistry Department TOTAL VOSTOK LLC

Gusev Dmitry Sergeevich, Sales Development Manager of Special Chemistry Department TOTAL VOSTOK LLC

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